Pinpoint Potties is a luxury bathroom trailer rental that is fully equipped with all your modern amenities.  It has three separate restrooms that can fit your event needs, including a large enough stall to be a dressing area for the bride that needs a place to lace up the dress.  Your guests won’t even realize they’re in a portable restroom with the clean, climate-controlled, tastefully decorated, and music infused atmosphere our restroom trailer offers.  Each stall is equipped with it’s own flushing, white, china toilet, stainless sink with fresh water coming from the facet, hidden trash receptacle, LED lighting, and a mirror.

All our trailer needs to operate is relatively flat, dry ground, one 20 amp plugin (summer operation), and a fresh water (garden hose spiket) supply.  If your event takes you somewhere where the electricity and/or water requirements are not available, we can supply everything needed to make the trailer self-sufficient for a small fee.

Pinpoint Potties can be rented for all types and sizes events.  Our prices vary depending on the size, location, and duration of your event.  We are always happy to hear about your specific event and provide insight on how we can provide the best experience.

Contact us today for a customized quote for your event!  Please include the event date, duration, location, and guest count.