• My event is themed, can you match the decor?  Absolutely! We are event planners and we love making our trailer fit seamlessly into your event!
  • What areas do you travel to? We are willing to go just about anywhere. We are located in Lee’s Summit, MO and will deliver within 60 miles for no additional charge. Over 60 miles a small milage fee applies.
  • How many people can use it? Our trailer can handle up to 900 uses before needing to be serviced. We will calculate your needs based on guest count and event duration.
  • What power do I need? The trailer takes one 20 amp plug-in to operate for summer and two 20 amp plugs on separate circuits for winter operation.. If you don’t have the required power, we can provide a generator for the trailer.
  • How big is the bathroom trailer? It’s 12 feet long, 17 feet including the hitch.